Our Full Groom and Bathing Packages are the best value around town. Our groomers will give your dog an expert haircut based on your preferences or a breed standard haircut. They will get your dogs smelling fresh and clean with our high quaility shampoos and conditioners. Upon arrival, your groomer will consult with you on your preferences while examining your dog's coat condition. Your groomer will note your preferences and save the details on your profile so the next time you visit Little Jenna's, we'll know exactly what your expectations are. 

The packages include:

A massaging bubble bath where the groomer lathers your pup's fur with one of our premium shampoos or specially formulated shampoos for dogs with sensitive skin. While all lathered up, the groomer rubs their fingers in a massaging pattern all over your pup's body. This is a great opportunity for the groomer to examine your dog's body for any cuts, sores, or skin conditions that may not have been visible before. After the bath, a towel is used to absorb all the excess water. The groomer than uses a hand dryer to thoroughly dry your dog's coat.

After you pup is dry the groomer will begin brushing your dog's coat as needed for up to 30 minutes. The groomer will then inspect and clean the inside of your dog's ears.

After drying and brushing, your groomer will give your pup a  haircut based on your preferences or breed standard. (The Bathing Package includes everything but the haircut)

Once brushing is complete, your groomer will clip your dog's nails. You can upgrade to a nail grind for $8. 

Wrapping up your pups groom, your groomer will give your lovely fur baby a quick spritz with one of our fine fragrances.

Anal gland expression is included but rendered if visibly apparent or on request only.

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