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Little Jenna's Grooming

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We're glad you found us!

We are your local pet groomer. At Little Jenna's Grooming, our number one priority is to create a comfortable environment that will help reduce your pet's stress. We know how much your pet is like family so we make sure that every pet is showered with love and attention. Our aim is to build a strong bond between your pet and their groomer.

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43114 Peacock Market Plz
Ste 120, South Riding, VA 20152

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How it Works?

*Appointments vary in length of time depending on the service you choose and pet's behavior.

Full Groom packages can take between one and a half to 4 hours hours

Bathing packages can take between one and a half to three hours

Puppy packages can take between one to two hours ...depending on how wiggly they are :)

What To Bring?

On your first appointment, please bring your pet's Rabies information.

*All pets should be up to date on required vaccines for their own safety and for the safety of other pets and groomers.

If you have any reference photos of styles, lengths, and overall look, please bring those in. The more information we get, the better!

Please keep collars and personal belonging with you. We are no longer holding these items, unless necessary.


Pet Nail Trim at your Home

Looking for just a nail trim but want to skip the trip to the shop? Have a local pet professional perform a nail trim for your dog or cat in the comfort of your home. New customers can get $10 off their first appointment!

Pawdicure at Home Nail Trims
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