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Little Jenna's Grooming was founded on love and compassion for grooming and the health of our four legged friends. We know grooming is a necessary requirement for all pets, long-haired, short-haired, even no-haired. That's why we strive to make your pet feel like they're home. We keep the noise levels low and stress levels low, all while keeping the positive energy high. With our highly trained staff, we can assure your pet is treated with kindness and respect.

Ashleigh the Owner

Ashleigh Lopez

Owner / Professional Groomer

Ashleigh began grooming in high school, drawn to the craft during an animal science class. Her professional path started at 18, blending her need for a promising career with her passion, especially as a new mother. A career highlight was placing in her second grooming competition and being critiqued by a respected industry figure.

She has a particular fondness for Poodles, owning three Standard Poodles herself, and appreciates their elegance and adaptability. Besides grooming, Ashleigh's artistic side flourishes in photography and crafting, adding a creative touch to her work. She enjoys sharing insights, like the Poodle's origins as German water retrieving dogs, merging grooming expertise with fascinating canine facts.

Follow her on Instagram @allbreedashleigh

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Jordan Y.

Salon Manager / Professional Groomer

Jordan's grooming journey began back in 2008, starting as a bather and quickly progressing to a professional groomer after enrolling in a grooming academy two years later. Her passion and skill have now brought her back to Little Jenna's Grooming as the Salon Manager, where she's excited to be part of this fantastic team once again.

What inspires Jordan the most is seeing each pet as a unique canvas, allowing her creativity to flourish with every grooming session. She finds great joy in meeting a fresh puppy and nurturing a strong bond through training and discipline. Witnessing the transformation and growth of these pets over time is a deeply rewarding experience for her.

Jordan has a particular fondness for Yorkies, drawn to their sassy Terrier personality and convenient size for grooming. Beyond her professional life, Jordan is a loving mother to one child and two cats. She's an avid traveler, a gym enthusiast, and a yoga practitioner, believing in the interconnectedness of all life, with dogs as guardians of the physical realm and cats of the astral.

Jordan Pet Groomer
McKenzie Pet Groomer

McKenzie M.

Assistant Manager/ Professional Groomer

McKenzie's grooming journey is rooted in a lifelong passion for dogs, so deep that her first word was "dog". Her diverse experience as a vet tech and bather, coupled with her interest in dog training, eventually led her to the world of grooming, where she feels most at home.

For McKenzie, the most fulfilling part of grooming is working with challenging dogs and witnessing their behavior transform in a consistent and loving environment. She believes every dog is unique and special, which is why she doesn't play favorites with breeds. Each pet brings its own charm and challenge to the grooming table.

When she's not busy grooming, McKenzie is a dedicated Taylor Swift fan, loves adding to her vinyl collection, and expresses her creativity through painting. An interesting tidbit she shares is about Taylor Swift – while Taylor herself doesn't own any dogs, her mom has a Great Dane!

Follow her on Instagram @k9sbykenzie

Holly M.

Professional Groomer

Holly found her grooming calling at a corporate salon, turning a quest to escape dead-end jobs into a passion for working with animals. She excels in transforming grooming sessions into trust-building experiences, especially for fearful dogs, helping them find comfort and joy in the process.

Her favorite breed to groom is the Yorkie, inspired by her own Yorkie/Chihuahua mix. She loves their varied personalities and enjoys styling them in everything from elegant long coats to playful Asian fusion cuts.

Outside the salon, Holly's hobbies range from gaming and true crime documentaries to creative endeavors like makeup and coloring. She's also a fan of sharing unique dog facts, like the record-breaking lifespan of Bobi, the world’s oldest dog.

Holly Pet Groomer
Madison Pet Groomer

Madison S.

Professional Groomer

Madison's grooming career is rooted in a lifelong love for animals and a desire to care for them. Her journey began when she shadowed her personal dog's groomer, an experience that sparked an instant love for the craft. After graduating from grooming school, Madison has now spent six fulfilling years as a professional groomer.

What Madison finds most rewarding is working with dogs that are initially fearful or require extra care. The joy of earning their trust and watching them transform into happy, tail-wagging clients is what drives her passion. She loves seeing dogs excited to see her, knowing that they associate her with fun and comfort.

Her favorite breed to groom? Shih Tzus, with their adorable round faces. Having grown up with two Shih Tzus, she feels a special connection to the breed, making each grooming session with them even more special.

Outside the salon, Madison enjoys the meticulous art of building Lego sets and solving puzzles. She’s also a music enthusiast, always looking for new tunes to enjoy. A fun fact she loves to share is that the Mandarin term for Shih Tzu translates to "little lion" – fitting for such a noble yet adorable breed!

Zuha E.

Professional Groomer 

Zuha's journey into the world of pet grooming began with a simple suggestion from her uncle, recognizing her deep affection for dogs. This love for canines quickly blossomed into a rewarding career, highlighted by moments like when Zuha identified an unusual symptom in a dog, ultimately preventing a serious illness – a true testament to her attentiveness and care.

Pitbulls hold a special place in Zuha's heart. Her fondness for their adorable nature shines through in every grooming session, making each moment with these pups a delightful experience.

When not wielding a brush or a pair of clippers, Zuha immerses herself in the world of books and journaling, embracing the quiet joys of reading and capturing thoughts on paper. And did you know? Zuha can tell you all about fascinating canine facts, like how the average skin cycle for a dog is 21 days!

Zuha Pet Groomer
Katja Pet Bather

Katja D. 

Professional Bather / Groomer's Assistant

Katja’s journey into the world of pet grooming started with a quest for something fulfilling while her kids were at school. Her path led her to PetValue, where she first dipped her toes into dog bathing and discovered a newfound love for grooming. The most rewarding part for her? Successfully grooming dogs that have been turned away elsewhere, showcasing her skill and patience.

A devoted Yorkie lover, Katja has a special affinity for these small, spirited dogs, having always shared her home with them. Their size and personality make every grooming session with a Yorkie an absolute delight for her.

When she's not transforming pets in the salon, Katja is an adventurer at heart. Whether it’s traveling to new destinations or journeying through the pages of a good book, she loves exploring the world in every way she can. And a fun fact she likes to share: dogs’ age is not just a simple multiplication of human years – it's much more nuanced than that!

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