Little Jenna's Grooming was founded on love and compassion for grooming and the health of our four legged friends. We know grooming is a necessary requirement for all pets, long-haired, short-haired, even no-haired. That's why we strive to make your pet feel like they're home. We keep the noise levels low and stress levels low, all while keeping the positive energy high. With our highly trained staff, we can assure your pet is treated with kindness and respect.


Ashleigh Lopez

Owner / Professional Groomer

Ashleigh has been obsessed with animals since she can remember. She always knew one day her dreams would come true and work somewhere that helped animals. She never knew it would be by making them look and feel their very best too! Ashleigh has been grooming for 10 years and has loved all the wonderful experiences she's gained. She hopes to strive with her husband Nathaniel into making Little Jenna's the best it can be!

Nathaniel Lopez

Owner / Administrator

Nathaniel is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He served two combat tours in Afganistan before leaving service in 2012. He always knew he wanted to start his own business after service. Although, he doesn't groom dogs, he does help out with whatever he can. He knows how to bathe and even clip nails! Nathaniel's key role is keeping the "business" side of things together. He's the man behind the scenes making sure our customers and groomers are happy!


Holly B.

Professional Groomer

Holly has been passionate about animals since she was young, and originally wanted to be a vet. However, after starting a career in grooming 4 years ago, she quickly realized it was her passion. She enjoys being able to bond with dogs and never having a boring day at work!

Matthew G.

Professional Groomer

Matthew's been working with animals since 2011, and has an acute sense to the needs of you and your pet. He's leading the charge in a strongly female dominated industry to prove that gender plays no role with how well you can treat or groom animals. When he's not in the shop you'll probably find him at a local lake trying to catch fish, or at home fighting monsters in a fantasy world on his computer.


Kenzie K.

Professional Groomer

Being an animal lover is my specialty and a huge part of my life. During my last 2 years of high school, they provided an elective called Animal Science. After I graduated high school, I joined Little Jenna's and started as a bather. I quickly worked my way up to being a groomer. I was taught by the owner, Ashleigh Lopez. She taught me everything I need to know to get to where I am today and couldn't thank her enough. I love my job everyday and making your pup look his/her best.