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First Little Jenna's Salan
Second Little Jenna's Salon

The Little Jenna's Story

Little Jenna's was started by a husband and wife team in 2014. They started the company as "Little Jenna's Grooming" in a small basement bathroom of their home. Named after the couples white Standard Poodle, Jenna!

By 2015 the company grew into their garage. The couple renovated the garage by redoing the floor and adding a new sub-panel for heating, cooling, and to power their tools. With the addition of walls and plumbing, the salon was a hit. The company officially incorporated the same year.

Over the next 3 years, the company continued to grow and so did the family. Under 30 and with 3 children, hard work became part of the daily routine. As a former Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, Nathaniel was ready for the challenge. Ashleigh was ready to chase her dream of opening her own salon. He and Ashleigh both knew the time to take risk was now. This was an opportunity to build something bigger for their kid's future. Their son, Anthony, and daughters ,Madilynn and Abigail, are so proud and love to visit the salon frequently to see there mother work. They see her grit, persistence and unwavering love as she calmly serves dinner after a hectic and busy day while still managing to help plan family activities.

Opened the First Little Jenna's Grooming Retail Location

In 2018, Ashleigh and Nathaniel opened the first Little Jenna's Grooming retail location. They knew they wanted to be able to serve the same customers in the community that brought them success. What better place than the heart of South Riding. The South Riding Town Center.

With humble beginnings came lots of learning. Learning about zoning and different requirements from the county and state was quite the adventure. Working with architects, engineers, contractors, and so many others was truly satisfying and eye opening for these young entrepreneurs.

Pre Grooming Salon Build Out
Grooming Salon Lobby
Grooming Room
Bathing Room

The Company’s Mission Remains the Same

Love every dog that comes through the door like it's your family. Always try to go above and beyond, because our customers are more that just customers. They are our friends, our neighbors, their kids sit in the same classroom as ours. To aide in this objective, we must put our employees first. They are the company’s backbone. Pay them well, give them every benefit you could possibly afford. Because if they are happy, it will reflect positively in all they do at Little Jenna’s and customers will notice.

We must strive to get to know our new clients and their pets when they visit our store. Building a relationship and bond with pets so they always feel safe and welcome has been a key component to our success thus far. This is a requirement for our staff. They must always strive to build that relationship and trust.

What’s Next?

With the new store we are bringing you even more value:

  • Get rewarded for letting us take care of your pet!

    • Earn regular discounts that can be applied at checkout using your phone!

    • Earn Points for Each Groom, Bath, or Nail Trim 5 - 10 Points = FREE Service!

We are bringing other local small businesses together  when possible to expand our offerings and to compliment theirs. We believe building a small business ecosystem within the community improves it. Creating jobs for local residents and for people in the surrounding communities is something the company has taken great pride in.

Thank for reading a little bit about our story. We look forward to meeting you !

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