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First Little Jenna's Salan
Second Little Jenna's Salon

Our Journey: From Humble Beginnings to Community Cornerstone

In 2014, a dream took root in the small basement bathroom of a devoted husband and wife's home, blossoming into what is now known as Little Jenna's Grooming. Inspired by their beloved white Standard Poodle, Jenna, this dynamic duo embarked on a journey that would soon redefine pet care in their community.

Quickly outgrowing their modest beginnings, the couple transformed their garage into a burgeoning salon in 2015, infusing it with warmth and professional equipment found in most salons. This labor of love quickly resonated with pet owners, leading to the incorporation of Little Jenna's Grooming within the same year.

Opened the First Little Jenna's Grooming Retail Location

The subsequent years were a whirlwind of growth, both for the business and the family. With three young children in tow and Nathaniel's disciplined background as a former Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, the couple tackled every challenge with determination. Ashleigh's dream of owning a salon, coupled with their shared vision of creating a legacy for their children, propelled them forward.

In 2018, the dream scaled new heights with the opening of Little Jenna's Grooming's first retail location in the heart of South Riding. This wasn't just a business move; it was a heartfelt commitment to serve the very community that had embraced them from the start.

The journey was paved with learning curves, from navigating zoning laws to collaborating with a diverse team of professionals. But the core philosophy remained unchanged: treat every visiting pet like family and go the extra mile for every customer, who are more than just clients; they are friends, neighbors, and an integral part of the community.

Pre Grooming Salon Build Out
Grooming Salon Lobby
Grooming Room
Bathing Room

The Company’s Mission Remains the Same

This ethos extends to our team, the backbone of Little Jenna's. We believe in rewarding our employees generously and providing a nurturing work environment because their happiness is the cornerstone of our customer service excellence.

As we continue to grow, our focus remains on fostering strong relationships with both our clients and their pets, ensuring they always feel safe and cherished within our walls. While the economic conditions around the country and region have changed, we aim to continue to provide the best value and best service possible.

What’s Next?

We're more than just a grooming salon; we're a community hub where pets are pampered, relationships are built, and pet professionals thrive. 

We've added luxury product lines such as Hydra to offer more exclusive packages for parents who want extra pampering for their pets with the highest quality products in the market. We've upgraded our equipment to the highest industry standards to create a safe environment for all pets regardless of size. We've partnered with local businesses to offer products made in Virginia by other entrepreneurs. And we continue to rotate locally sourced products to offer you at the salon.

Our team continues to improve their knowledge and skills with continuing education and even through competitions. 

We've started 2 other companies to serve the Northern Virginia area and the wider DMV. We started Go Buddy Run, the first and only mobile dog gym in the DMV to augment routines for dogs who need more exercise.  We started to offer pet parents throughout Virginia the ability to have a professional come to their home for pet nail trims. You can learn more about our other pet services by clicking the respective logos below!

Go Buddy Run
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