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Terms of Service



This document outlines the company’s limited liability.


Little Jenna’s, LLC referred to in this document as “the company”, “LJG”, or “Little Jenna’s Grooming.” The customer referred to in this document as “the client”, “you”, “your”, “my”, “I”.


For transparency, here are key points in this document. It should be noted that in the scenarios below, including APPENDIX A, and possible scenarios not outlined in this document, the company will make its best efforts to contact and coordinate with you. In cases where you cannot be reached, the company has the right to act reasonably on behalf of you and your pet or cease the rendering of services. This document also applies to all cats even when not expressly written.


· The company is not responsible for any conditions or issues discovered during the grooming process.


· The company will not be liable for any underlying skin irritations, cuts or lesions due to matt removal.


· The company reserves the right to refuse any service at any time, including at drop off.


· The company reserves the right to bathe dogs in flea and tick shampoo to kill and remove fleas and ticks if they are present.


· The company will NOT bathe or apply any flea and tick products to cats and reserves the right to refuse services to cats with fleas and/or ticks.


· For severely matted dogs, WITH THE OWNERS CONSENT, the company will suggest shaving your pet or refer them to a veterinarian.


· The company is not responsible for veterinarian costs due to clipper burns, minor nicks, or skin irritations.


· WITH THE OWNERS CONSENT, the company will suggest allowing the company to seek veterinary services for your pet if required and is not responsible for associated cost and fees.


· In the case of an emergency that could result in the loss of limb or life of a pet and where the owner cannot be reached in a timely manner. The company reserves the right to seek emergency veterinary care. Depending on circumstances leading to the emergency, veterinarian fees will be the responsibility of the pet owner or a claim on the company’s insurance policy will cover the cost should the company be found at fault.


· In some cases, the company, at its reasonable discretion, will determine whether reimbursement of veterinarian fees will be issued after 48 hours from the service rendered.


· The company is not liable for any stressful effects grooming may have on a geriatric pet (9 years and older).


· If the company services your geriatric pet, you agree to not hold the company responsible for any adverse results related to the pet’s health, including death.


I understand that in any scenario where a decision regarding my pets matted coat or health must be made, the company will make is best efforts to contact me. In cases where the company is unable to reach me, the company has my permission to act reasonably on my behalf for the well-being of my pet. Should the company determine under reasonable circumstances that veterinary care is warranted, I agree to pay all associated fees and costs unless the company is at fault. If my dog’s veterinarian is not readily accessible, the company is authorized to use a veterinarian of its choice.


Examples where Veterinary Care may be needed:


A groomer improperly harnessing your pet causing them to get loose and fall off a fully elevated table leading to a broken bone. This may require an emergency pet visit. We will make best efforts to contact you in a scenario such as this, however, we may need to act quickly and may not be able to wait for your return call. This is a scenario where we are acting reasonably on behalf of you and your pet.


A pet having erratic unexpected behavior manages to lick the clippers or scissors leading to a sliced tongue. The company will render first aid and stop the bleeding and inform the pet parent. In an extreme case, the cut is deep and large and the pet must have emergency care. We will attempt to notify you but in certain cases where we are unable to get in contact with you, we must act on the behalf of the pet. I

A pet collapses due to an pre-existing condition or an aggravated condition whether known or unknown to the parent or company. [End Examples]


The company will not be responsible for any conditions or problems discovered during grooming. Should veterinary care be necessary as a result of any services rendered by the company, the company must be notified within 48 hours of such care. Although we assume no liability for problems discovered during grooming, reimbursement for such care will be at the reasonable discretion of the company. We will work with you to resolve any issues and cost where reasonable.


The company will not be held responsible for veterinary costs if pet parent decides to take pet to the veterinarian for clipper burn, minor nicks, or skin irritation resulting from grooming; nor will we be held responsible for stressful effects that grooming may have upon a geriatric pet, including death.


The company shall not be held liable for any after-grooming effects of de-matting clipping procedures or problems uncovered on a matted or otherwise neglected coat including, but not limited to: itchiness, skin redness or self-inflicted irritations/abrasions from excessive external rubbing. I understand that time and costs associated with de-matting are unpredictable and subject to the particular condition of my dog; consequently, I agree to pay whatever fees are incurred as a result of de-matting. Whether a dog is “matted,” furthermore, is at the sole and reasonable determination of the company. I also understand the company will make its best efforts during consult to advise if any additional cost will be incurred.


The company reserves the right to refuse to groom any dog for the health and safety of the groomer and the dog. A soft muzzle may be used, or services discontinued or refused if the company determines that a dog presents an unsafe condition. Such conditions include, but are not limited to: Outdated shot records, behavior issues and/or health problems.


If fleas and/or ticks are found on the dog, the dog will be bathed with the proper shampoo to kill bugs on the dog. The company will not be responsible for any after effects of the shampoo and any further infestations after grooming. The company will make its best efforts to contact you before administering the flea/tick bath. It is important to understand that fleas are very contagious. We cannot, for a prolonged period of time, wait for your decision if you are unreachable. The longer your pet is in our salon with fleas the higher chance fleas can jump on other dogs and infect others, including humans.


The company will not bathe and/or apply any type of flea and tick medicine or shampoo to cats. The company, also, reserves the right to refuse any service on cats with fleas and/or ticks.


I agree to inform the company prior to grooming if the dog has ever bitten any human or another dog or has any aggressive tendencies whatsoever. I understand and agree that I will be held solely liable for any harm, injury, or property damage caused by my dog.


Should I have to cancel my dog’s appointment, I agree to notify the company no sooner than 24-hours prior to the scheduled appointment.


I affirm that I am the rightful legal owner of the dog for which services are rendered.


By continuing to use our services you are attesting that you have read, understand, and agree to the policies of the company as set forth in these Terms of Service.




Matted coats can cause a variety of skin & health problems. Matted fur does not allow for air circulation to the skin, causing hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. Fleas, ticks, maggots and other parasites may be lurking in the coat causing further skin infections. Matted fur also pulls and binds, causing pain to your pet when they move or lay on mats. The skin underneath is usually raw and inflamed. Matted coats will not dry properly and can lead to rotting fur and skin.


Due to matting, your dog’s hair may need to be shaved short to the skin and may show signs of skin irritations and sores due to matting, wet undercoat and dirty coat. In order to take care of a dog that has not been groomed often enough, and is matted, the required grooming sessions may be long, stressful, or painful (please note, more than 1 grooming session may be required if your dog is severely matted).


It is the goal of the company and our groomers to make your pet’s grooming experience as stress free as possible.


Due to the condition of your dog, the company, has determined that the only humane thing to do is to shave the dog’s coat down. This is a short clip, removing all the matting. Where feasible, we work to de-mat/brush out the dog’s coat, but only when it would not cause excessive pain and suffering to attempt to do so.


There is a strong chance that your pet’s skin will become irritated during the clipping process. We will use a medicated or hypoallergenic shampoo to help sooth any irritation that may occur. The matted hair rests tightly against the skin – the only way of removing mats is to use a short blade to clip between the skin and mats. Your dog may be susceptible to nicks and cuts because the groomer has to work so closely to the skin to remove the matted coat. Our groomers are very careful, but the possibility of injury exists. Understanding these risks, the company is authorized to proceed with the de-matting process.


The company will be happy to show you how to care for your pet’s coat so that matting does not recur. Please schedule a follow-up appointment to speak with our groomers about the best methods for maintaining your dog’s coat.


I hereby release the company from any liability associated with the above mentioned process and any and all medical problems that may be uncovered and/or occur during the stripping and de-matting process.


Should my pet need veterinarian care after or during the process, I agree to pay any and all veterinarian fees.


I understand that the company will consult with me before proceeding with the de-matting process or other issues regarding the potential need for veterinary care. In regards to matted dogs, the consult will occur when I drop off my pet. In cases where the severity of the matting was not discovered during the consult, the company will contact me for verbal or written approval to proceed. The company, if unable to reach me, has my consent, at their reasonable discretion, to proceed with the de-matting process or cease rendering their services. If my dog is severely matted and may require veterinary attention and I am unreachable, the company WILL NOT proceed. This may require me to pick up my pet immediately or be subject to “daycare” fees.

I agree to abide by the Salon Policy and pay any associated fees as prescribed.

In the event of a dispute between the parties arising from or to enforce this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney’s fees.


By continuing to use our services you are attesting that you have read, understand, and agree to the policies of the company as set forth in these Terms of Service.

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